Monday, October 17, 2011

A Perfect Summer Afternoon

Yesterday was a perfect August afternoon, sunny, mid-seventies.  The humidity had dropped slightly and I could finally wear my blue jeans with a light weight tee shirt and feel almost comfortable again. 

We decided to go kayaking to enjoy the wonderful weather.  A slight breeze was blowing, making the waves a little choppy which translates into more kayaking fun.  Lots of speedboats were out and when their wake rolled by, we felt just like we were on the ocean riding on boogie boards.  Life doesn't get better than this!  It seemed odd that not a single person was tubing though - our guess is they think the water is too cold.  Obviously, they never did a "polar bear" swim in any of the Great Lakes.  Your lips wouldn't even turn purple in this water. 

After boating, we went for a walk around the neighborhood.  That's when I noticed all my southern friends were wearing their sweatshirts.  In my mind, it was a perfect August afternoon.  In theirs, it was a chilly October day.  I guess I still have a little more acclimating to do.

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