Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Jerry's Surprise Collection

Some people have collections.  Stamps.  Thimbles.  Salt and pepper shakers.  Souvenir spoons.  Turns out my husband is a collector, too, but his collection is quirkier than your run of the mill coins or even cigar bands.  

I stumbled upon his secret treasure when I was cleaning out the cabinet under the sink in our basement bathroom.  Why does he keep it there?  Because he is collecting Q-tips.  

"Don't put anything smaller than your elbow into your ear."
- Mrs. Sweeney, my third-grade teacher
(See?  I WAS listening!)
When you think about it, Q-tips are the perfect thing to collect.  No burglars will break in and steal them and adding to the collection won't break the bank.  Nobody had to file bankruptcy because of a Q-tip habit!  I'm glad my husband collects Q-tips.  He could be buying antique cars or even small airplanes. His collection doesn't even require garage space - although, now that I think about it, I could store it in his toolbox.  On second thought, if I did that, he'd just buy more.

Happy swabbing, Jerry.


Cindy Preston said...

This looks like just the beginning of a collection. It could lead to a fun Christmas gift giving opportunity! How many different "Q-tip" colors, sizes, and packaging options do you think we could find to help his collection along? Who's in? You could have Q-tips for the rest of your life!

Jan Miller said...

This is why I think he does it: About 6 weeks after I left home ( to get married 31 years ago), my mum said to me " We do miss you you know, also we just found out all the things not on our shopping list that you must having been supplying the household with for years" Yep you've guessed Q tips were what they were missing!!

Swimming Upstream said...

Jan, you and Jerry must be soul mates!

Swimming Upstream said...

NO! NO! A thousand times, NO!! Jerry SWEARS he has no knowledge of how those Q-Tips got in the bathroom. The Q-Tip Fairy must have visited. :)

Anonymous said...

Just for the record, he actually collects cotton swabs. "Q-tip" is a brand name, and clearly from the picture he has an assortment of brands. ;-)

See me for other similar brand confusions, such as bandages vs. "Band-Aids", tissues vs. "Kleenex" and the like.


Swimming Upstream said...

Hahaha....good eye :)