Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Near Death Experience

Near death experiences have always fascinated me and I have read pretty much every book I could find on the subject through the years.  My mother had such an occurrence during the birth of my younger brother.  She said she found herself walking up a staircase toward bright light and when she realized what was going on, she just sat down and wouldn’t move. Around her angry people were urging her forward.  She said, “Not without my baby!” and refused to budge.  In a flash, she was back in the delivery room and later found out that her heart had stopped during the birthing process.

On her deathbed years later, Mom told me that her parents – and angels – were in the room with her.  That knowledge gave me great comfort during the saddest time of my life. 

Jerry has always tolerated my interest in this subject but never participated in it.  That was about to change.  After years of fighting the idea, he finally succumbed to family pressure and scheduled himself for his first colonoscopy.  When the test was finished and he was in recovery, they called me back into the recovery area.  The nurse told me to try to wake him up and then she left the room.  Alone with my husband, I tried to rouse him.  His coloring was horrible.  He looked sort of ashen and he would not wake up.  It seemed a little nap could only improve his physical situation, so my attempts at waking him became more and more lackluster.

Suddenly he half-opened his eyes and said, “They were all around me in the operating room.”

“Who?”  Now I couldn’t wake him up fast enough!

 “There were thirteen of them…..”  He was still in a stupor.

“Did you know anybody?”

He was fading in and out of consciousness.  “No….don’t think so…..”

Long pause.

“There…..were women….thirteen….Brenda, Sheila…”  he trailed off.  “Jennifer and Marie….”

“Were they trying to tell you anything?”   By now, I’m so excited.  It’s driving me crazy that I can’t carry on my line of questioning because of his inability to focus.

“I…don’t ….no….no...Brenda, Sheila….”

“Were your parents there with you?”

“No…just Brenda, Sheila….”

Right then the discharge nurse walks in and says, “Oh, good.  You’re awake.”  Then she looks at me and says, “Yeah.  Your husband was captivated by how many people it took to perform this procedure today.  They were introducing themselves to him when he drifted off.  Altogether, there were thirteen of them.” 

“Brenda, Sheila, Jennifer, Marie…”

So much for my glimpse beyond the veil.

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