Thursday, August 11, 2011

Spiders, gnats and things

We like to think of our homes as secure, but they're not.  Every morning our window sills are covered with dead insects that were lured inside by the light of the previous evening.  They're little gnat-like things that seem to have an extremely short life cycle.

Last night I went into my bedroom to hang clean clothes in the closet and there on the door was a quarter sized spider.  How did he get in?  Who knows?  My disposition of most anything that creeps or crawls is the same.  I cover it with a glass, slide a thick piece of paper under it, take the intruder outside and let it go.  My karma ought to be pretty clear on the 'killing insects' front.  Not spotless, but pretty clear.

This particular spider was a jumper and was frantically jumping all around in the glass while I was carrying him to freedom.  It reminded me of a baby wolf spider which reminded me of my favorite spider story.

This story is a family classic.  It occurred roughly thirty years ago when my baby sister was paying us her annual summer visit.  At the time, my husband, son and I lived in a teeny tiny rustic cabin in the woods of Indiana.  There weren't any spare bedrooms but there was a loft with a large picture window and a beautiful view of the woods.  This is where my sister wanted to sleep.

The first night she was there we had a powerful thunderstorm, the kind where lightening strikes light up the room and before they fade there are loud bangs of thunder that put your nerves on edge.  A bolt of lightening hit nearby, followed by a bloodcurdling scream.  "Are you afraid to sleep up in the loft because of the storm?" I hollered up to my sis.

"No." she replied.  "I am afraid to sleep in the loft because there is a tarantula on the window."

I'm not sure but I think Jerry squished it.

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Anonymous said...

Are you going to name the screamer? It's a great story.

I am not as friendly as I used to be with intruding insects. You are kinder.

I flushed two, just last night. I have sent out the vibe...I love you, but you can't live in my house with me. It was time to go to bed. One was an earwig - you can't see the face I am making to show how I feel about earwigs :/ The other was some sort of beetle.

I do feel badly as they swirl down. Okay, now I am feeling worse. Maybe I should stop the killing. That is the retired vegan in me speaking.

Although we lost our little pug a couple of weeks ago, we still have plenty of animals. It just becomes a circus when I open the door.The cats want to come in or go out. The dog wants to herd everybody. I end up dropping the bug, wherever and it scoots off. That is why I instituted the flush method.

I do give them fair warning. I send them messages via mental telepathy.

- Jennifer