Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Daytime Nightmares

The cable installer guy said, "You have a lot of black widow spiders in your yard. Your cable box was full of 'em."

The meter reader said, "Don't worry about the black widows, worry about these brown recluse spiders. They're nasty."

The concrete repairman said, "Did you see the big snake in your driveway?"

The utilities man said, "The snakes don't bother me nearly as much as when a lizard drops out of the trees onto my head."

Turns out we've moved to phobia heaven.


Jennifer said...

Can you do anything to get rid of the spiders? Are there any birds or little animals that you could attract that eat them? This does not sound good!!!!

I can handle the snakes and lizards - or friendly spiders.

Jack said...

I believe a Komodo Dragon will eat all four of those . . . plus an occasional burglar.