Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Springtime in the South

It's springtime in the south, the most beautiful time of the year here. 

Twelve months as southern transplants is drawing to a close.  Only the devil himself could have loved our first sizzling summer that stretched well into October.  We weathered the "worst winter we've ever had" if we are to believe the locals.*  But guess what?  Spring arrives in FEBRUARY!  After almost a year, I've finally found a time I love living south of the Mason Dixon line! 

(*Fall was a blur, a surprise to experience next year perhaps.  I went to Michigan to greet our first grandbaby and stayed five weeks.  When I left, it was summer.  When I got back, it was winter.  Go figure.)

Blossoms arrived before March did. Forsythia and Camilla bushes are blooming. The Bradford pear blossoms here rival Washington D.C.'s cherry trees.  Happy daffodils smile at me when I walk by them. A gentle breeze is blowing and it's in the sixties, the perfect temperature for a beautiful, sunny day.  

 Family and friends we left behind in the Great White North are clamoring to come visit.  It's been icy and snowing heavily for the last couple of weeks up there.  Meanwhile, I'm walking in the sunshine without wearing a sweater. 

Yeah, springtime in the south is spectacular.  Y'all.


Cindy Preston said...

I Loved Feb thru early April in North Carolina... But the year April 1st was 90 degrees I knew I was meant to live in the north, and visit the Carolina's between Valentine's day, and Spring Break!
The Rhododendron, Azalea,and Wisteria were breathtaking in the spring though, and every once in a while I miss the gardenia bushes, and magnolia trees too. I agree Spring is glorious where you are... here snow is slowly melting, and spring will eventually come. I can see lily greens peaking through in my garden. :)

Zman said...

Flowers come you never mention sweet tea?