Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What You Said isn't Exactly What I Heard

I just saw a bakery truck on the road and on its side was the slogan, "Nobody Doesn't Like Sara Lee."  This somewhat surprised me because for years I've been singing their jingle, "Nobody Does it Like Sara Lee."  I started thinking about times when kids' creative interpretations of what they heard didn't quite match what was said and also of those times when they tried to remember something, but came up with a near miss.


Jessica was finally getting old enough to wear big-girl underpants.  She looked up at me and said she wanted a pink pair of "on-dah-butts."  Made sense to me!

                                              * * *          * * *          * * *

...then there was her little cousin who couldn't remember his new friend (Matt's) name so he called him "Carpet."

                                              * * *          * * *          * * *

Little Elizabeth was looking through Granny's button box, a huge tin of sparkly treasures.  She came upon several stick pins with a glass drop of blood at the top.  Granny saw her puzzled expression and said, "The Red Cross gives those to Grandpa when he donates blood." 

A horrified Elizabeth replied,  "Oh, YUCK!  I don't eat blood, either!"

                                              * * *         * * *          * * *

Jason and his mom Pam were in a crowded pediatrician's office.  Pam was reading a magazine when Jason got excited.  "Mom, Mom!  God's in the waiting room."

"Yes, dear.  God is everywhere."

"No, Mom, God's in this waiting room."

"Yes, Jason, that's right.  God is in this waiting room too..."

"MOM!  God from my Sunday School Class is here!"

Pam looked up to see a little boy from Sunday School - a little boy named Noah.

                                              *  *  *         *  *  *         *  *  *

And, finally...what color are fleas?

Everyone knows this answer!  Fleas are white.  "Mary had a little lamb with fleas as white as snow."

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wharman said...

This is Wendy from the American Red Cross. Cute Red Cross story!