Tuesday, March 19, 2013

At the Welcome Center

We stopped at a rest stop at the South Carolina Welcome Center and saw this sign: 

My imagination ran wild!  Is it okay to wash my feet there?  Elbows?  Legs?  It looks like only hands and/or face washing is/are prohibited, yet the fine print states that the "Water Fountain Is For Drinking ONLY."  It's highlighted in red, which leads me to believe that washing other body parts might be frowned upon too. 

In all my travels I have never actually seen anyone taking a mini-bath in a drinking fountain, but ya gotta think that since a notice is actually posted, there must have been a problem at this location.  If people really are bathing in the lobby of the Welcome Center, is a sign going to stop them? 
The water fountain is just feet from the entrance to the restrooms where large quantities of soap and paper towels are readily available.  Are these dirty South Carolina visitors so lazy that they won't walk another few steps to get inside the bathroom to wash up?  
Every time I go to take a drink out of a water fountain from now on, I'm going to think of that sign. I think they should have added "and don't lick the spigot either" because I see little kids do that all the time. 

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