Sunday, April 21, 2013

Not that Bad

We were out in the yard this weekend planting when I was bitten on the neck by a vampire bat - or maybe a just an obese mosquito with the appetite of a vampire bat ~ it could have been either.  The results are the same:  I have a giant red welt the size of a hickory nut on my neck. It itches and it's ugly.

Speaking of ugly, let's talk some more about my current haircut.  Ever since I wrote about my recent salon experience, I've been running into friends who look at me and say, "Your hair doesn't look that bad."  While I appreciate "not looking that bad," it really isn't what any girl hopes to hear when others comment upon her appearance.

Jer read that post too.  He came home, looked at my hair and said, "Did you really get a haircut?" to which I replied, "Yes."

"Oh.  I thought you just quit styling it."


The good news was that I go to a place with a customer appreciation program.  That is correct.  My ugly haircut was free.  At least it has that going for it.

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