Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Simple Gifts

My favorite Mother's Day gift has to be the one my baby brother gave my mom when he was about four.  The nine-year-old me didn't "get it" at the time.  It took me decades (and having my own kids) before I truly understood the beauty of his simple gift.

That year Dad decided that Billy was big enough to pick a gift out for Mom all by himself.  Billy was excited at the prospect of a shopping trip were he could actually do the choosing.  He came back smiling from ear to ear.  He was wild with delight, truly thrilled with his purchase.  

"Mommy is gonna love this!" he told me.  "She can use it for so many things in so many ways!"  he enthused.
Mom always had a cup of coffee in her hand!

I was super curious about what this perfect gift was but he wasn't giving even the tiniest of hints.  I had to wait just like mom but, he assured me, it was great. When the day came and Billy offered our mother his gift, he just beamed.  

My mother was charmed by the gift and told the story for the rest of her life.
Billy had given Mom a present that he'd chosen himself...

...a ball of string.

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Nastase Nutiness said...

Oh, that's the cutest thing. And he was RIGHT!