Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A High-Altitude Revelation

We were in Salt Lake City.  We'd ridden the train to the heart of the downtown. Now we are hiking up the canyon to the foothills of the mountains.  Our destination is a couple of miles away.  It's high altitude.  I'm looking down, watching my step, sweating, panting.  Then I look up, see the back of my husband, and break out in a huge smile.

 Jerry, carrying his backpack and dragging my suitcase.
It has just occurred to me that I have my own personal sherpa.  Just like all those climbers who "do Everest," I could never have done it without him. (I still could have used a canister of supplemental oxygen though...)

Here's a couple of other photos of a day in the life of my sherpa:

My Shopping Sherpa  (Great legs, right?)

My Garden Sherpa at work
From now on whenever people wonder why I am forever and always trying to pair up my single friends, explaining will be simple:  Every girl needs a sherpa.


Kate Zimmermna said...


Nastase Nutiness said...

LOVE this!

A Wandering Soul said...

And he carried my massage table up and down your hill. He's awesome!!!

Marto said...

Slavery has been outlawed, Missy. Time to start issuing paychecks!

Rhona G said...

What he does for love - ah! Sherping is a beautiful thing. This post is just hilarious, Chris.