Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Yesterday morning, the grands were quietly playing with Jerry's phone and one of them, unbeknownst to any us, stealthily changed the clock to "world time."  Who even knows what that means?

The day turned into night and we all retired for the evening.  When Jerry's alarm rang today, he was groggy but dragged himself out of bed just like every other day.  He threw himself into the shower to help wake up, dressed and then went to the kitchen to get a tea.  (Iced, sweet.)

It was as he was chugging down his pre-dawn caffeine fix that he chanced to glance at the clock on the stove.  At first, he thought the power must have gone out in the night.  He went into the living room, just to check.  It was 3:30.

When it dawned upon him what had happened, he went back to bed.  He struggled to get back to sleep but eventually he drifted off.  He must have finally entered that deep-sleep phase when his alarm rang because he says he didn't even hear it.  He woke up a half-an-hour later than normal and rushed around like a Tasmanian Devil.  He departed the house mere minutes after awakening.  Being "on time" is very important to Jerry and he was on time, even today.  As a matter of fact, he arrived early.

To review, he got up thirty minutes later than usual and was still able to arrive early to work.  To me that would be a green light to sleeping 30 minutes later every day.  To him it's just a good story.  As long as I live, I swear, I will never understand the workings of the male mind.


Nastase Nutiness said...

No kidding! When I worked, it had my morning routine timed down to the minute. And put my makeup on at the stoplights because I didn't see the point of getting up earlier when I could be sleeping, and sitting at lights was a waste of time. Yeah, I don't get men.

Nastase Nutiness said...

And what's with the "Prove you're not a robot" thing you make us do before we can post a comment? Do you have problems with robots reading your blog? I'd be curious what a robot would say on my blog. Maybe I should put on mine, "Robot comments welcome!" and see what happens.