Friday, February 14, 2014

A Story About Feathers

Kate and the Feathers

My daughter Kate decided to make her boyfriend Jason a present for Valentine's Day and what that present was to be was a brand new pillow.  Only Jason only sleeps on a feather pillow.  A feather pillow stuffed with CHICKEN feathers.

Turns out she CAN'T FIND a pillow made of chicken feathers to buy so she decides to MAKE one and buys three old feather pillows on eBay.  What did we do before eBay??  (And who sells used pillows?)

The grungy pillows come (I saw them.  They're worse than you can imagine.) and she decides to wash two of them, which she does.

Now she has a dilemma.  How to dry them?  She puts them into pillow cases, closes them with rubber bands and pops them in the dryer on the air only cycle.  Three cycles later she’s progressed to “low heat” but they are not any closer to dry than when she started and feathers are beginning to leak out into the dryer.  She gets the bright idea to take the pillows out of the pillow cases and out of the pillow ticking and spread them all over her living room floor.  All over.

Her apartment now smells like wet dog.  It takes two days for the feathers to dry out.  Then she stuffs them into new pillows that she’s sown out of ticking.  Finding pillow ticking is totally another storybut the point is that SHE DID find it and she sewed her fella four new pillows out of it.  Then she stuffed them.  Then she threw an entire garbage bag of extra feathers away.

It was like the miracle of the loaves and fishes only with feathers.


Nastase Nutiness said...

True love. Chicken feather style.

Kate Zimmerman said...

hahah she forgot to mention that she was right next to me the whole time, fluffing the feathers and helping me dry, and JZ was in my bedroom constructing a wardrobe that we purchased from Ikea. Best parents ever!