Monday, January 18, 2016

Ugly Words

I read an interesting article on Facebook about Lee Marvin, Captain Kangaroo, and Mr. Rogers. Interesting, but not true. Lies! Lies! All lies! Still, I give its authors an A+ for creative writing. According to Snopes it's pure fabrication, but it makes for a great urban legend.

While doing that research, I stumbled across this picture. It got me thinking. While a picture may be worth 1000 words, sometimes what you see is not really what you get.

Picture from
Mr. Rogers was not gleefully flipping off his preschool audience here. What he was actually doing was a lot more in line with his character. He was singing that classic children's favorite, “Where is Thumbkin?”

Here's another photo that's open to misinterpretation. This is not my grandson dancing to that Motown classic, “Stop in the Name of Love.” It's not even Grayson volunteering that his brother is five years old now. 

In this case, a picture is not worth 1000 words. It's worth four. “No more pictures, Grammy.”

There's about as much chance of that happening as there was that Mr. Rogers was a Navy seal.


R phone said...

Lol...nailed it, Chris! Perfect vignette.

R phone said...

Lol...nailed it, Chris! Perfect vignette.

Unknown said...

I must check out snopes. They sound very well informed! Thanks for posting Chris.

Jennifer said...

Mr. Rogers is one of my idols. He's up there with Mother Teresa.

I love the photo of your grandson. When he gets older you can tell him he was dancing. He won't remember ;-)


Unknown said...

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