Friday, June 24, 2016

Judge Not, Lest Ye be Judged

I was standing at a crosswalk waiting for the light to change. Across from me was a family. Dad, mom in the middle, daughter.  As I looked at them, I realized that the lady in the center was short.  Quite short.  Exceedingly short. Painfully short. 

While I was pondering this, the light changed and I began to walk towards her. As we passed, I said, "4-11. And you? "  She walked by, then turned around and smiled.  "5-1," she replied. 
Even shorter than I realized. 


Anonymous said...

I'm 5'5". In 4" heels.

Jessica Hreha said...

Hahaha! I feel you! When Kristin Chenoweth did one of the red carpets I commented over and over how ridiculously short she looked compared to everyone else. Then realized this is absolutely how I look every day.