Thursday, February 16, 2012

Deep Thoughts

This evening, Jerry had a thought that he felt was profound, so he repeated it to me two or three times.  He said he thinks I need to hear something at least twice and sometimes the third time's the charm.  I feel that this need to repeat himself is borne of the fact that he himself doesn't listen to anything I say until at least the third go-round.

Would you buy a used car from
this man?
Quote from Jerry Zimmerman:

"All sorts of people have all sorts of opinions about all sorts of things."

Thank-you very much dear Jerry for this insight.  Perhaps I ought to wage a write-in campaign for you for President this fall.  You're sounding more and more like a politician every day.

"How can people take
me seriously when I'm
wearing a clown hat?"

Meanwhile, I'm having trouble focusing on the magazine article I'm reading entitled, "Focus."

****H.t.N.N.E. *****

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Anonymous said...

I have this photo of Jerry on my computer and I was not even at that party! Its a classic.