Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Snubbed Again

I went to an elegant Academy Awards event on Sunday night.  Flower petals were strewn across the entrance; there was a lush red carpet; paparazzi flashed pictures as women in floor-length furs swept by.  Shrimp, salmon and champagne were served.  There was even a delicious Italian torte from Jason's Deli, the Spagos of the South. 

Men never look better than when they don their tuxedos and the women were smashing in silk, satin, and sequins.  Diamonds (or rhinestones, in my case) glittered brilliantly on ears, necks and wrists.  Even Charlie the cat was wearing a bowtie.  (Since he's black, he chose a white one for effect.)

I cannot overemphasize the elegance of the evening.  It was so formal that women were wearing both pantihose and updos.  In every way, this was an affair to remember, just a cut above the norm.  We don't get much classier than this here in The Cay.  There was only the slightest of shadows cast over the evening, practically too small to mention, really.

Okay, here it is.  George snubbed us again.  There!  Now everybody knows.  For the second year in a row, he has ignored our formal invitation to attend the soiree of the season then brazenly turned up at a televised event in Hollywood, taunting us with his cheekiness.

I have only one thing to say to you, George Clooney, and this is not sour grapes.  We only invited you for the eye candy factor anyway.

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Anonymous said...

Y'All now how to have a good time. Hollywood of the south is in Tega Cay! Sorry I missed it.