Monday, June 21, 2010

Africa Hot

I'm trying to figure out how to describe the weather in my new state without sounding whiny. When I first arrived here in mid-May, it was already blazing outside and I told pretty much everyone I knew on the planet (and even a few strangers) how I felt about it. "If it's this hot in May, what will August be like?" I said one too many times. Turns out that this line of thought was irritating my husband more than a sore tooth. I had to stop.

I decided upon the phrase "Africa hot." It's descriptive and yet not offensive. I liked how it sounded when I said it, kind of perky and cute, a cheerleader of description. It also had the added plus of not annoying hubby. That in itself is reason enough to adopt it, so I did.

Yesterday, I was standing in my kitchen and a tear rolled down my cheek. Only I wasn't crying - it was sweat. And, I did mention that I was inside, didn't I?

Perhaps Africa hot is not accurate enough. From now on, maybe I'll just say I live east of Hell.


peggyjane said...

hi miss chris, well i understand the need to whine about the heat. i've been whinning about the rain for about the same length of time. today was the first day i can remember since last october that it hit a solid 80, not a cloud in the sky with just the right amount of breeze!! a perfect day in my reconin'. i hope your summer gets better, if you want to experience some perfect weather you need to come to tygh valley oregon. i'll schedule another day like today. love you

Jon and Elizabeth said...

We used to tell people not to dig too far down in the gardens, they might actually hit fire and brimstone! Have fun in SC!! Make sure to get some Chocolate Almond ice cream to stay cool!