Thursday, January 13, 2011

When Hell Freezes Over

Dad is a colorful man and nowhere is that more apparent than in his speech.  "When Hell freezes over" was one of his favorite sayings when I was growing up.  I just hope he remembers telling me that because...

As everyone knows, I now live east of Hell in a place that is so hot in the summer that sweat, like tears, will pour down your face as you sit in air conditioning doing nothing more strenuous than, well, sitting.  Imagine my surprise last Saturday evening when it started to snow, snow and snow! A day later we had six inches on the ground.  Then it happened.  Snow turned to rain, then as temperatures dropped, freezing rain hit the snow-covered ground. 

Voila!  Hell (and everywhere north, south, east and west of it) has frozen over.  The trees look like they are straight out of a Currier and Ives print and the ground crunches as you walk.  It's truly beautiful.  Treacherous, but beautiful.

...I am so excited!  When will my pony be arriving?

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Hanoverian08 said...

Oh it sounds wonderful! After weeks of being 15 degrees below normal here (which apparently means the mid-50s, still not really that cold) we are in the 70s and might hit 80 tomorrow. It's SO nice outside, but it's just not January. I'd appreciate it if it were May, but not now. Enjoy that beautiful snow and ice for me...go sledding, but don't break any bones!!