Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Birds are BACK!

One of the  problems with using your garage as a storage shed is that there's nowhere to park your car.  The birds are back and our feeders are suspended over our driveway.  That causes lots of sunflower seed hulls to drop  below.  Some get tracked into the house and occasionally I shovel seeds out of my windshield wiper well but usually it's no big deal.

Last night was different because in addition to our sweet bluebirds, yellow and purple finches, tiny woodpeckers, Carolina wrens and cardinals, about fifty turkey vultures arrived.  I started wondering if they knew something about me that I didn't know yet and was relieved that they weren't circling.  Man, those birds are big!

It was shortly after the vultures were perched high above us in the trees that we realized it was raining bird poop.  (We must have been the vultures' second stop, right after some road-kill buffet.)  It was splattering everywhere and Jerry, whose newly repaired brand-new car was parked out in our driveway, ran outside and desperately started whacking two sticks together.  (Remember the stick scene in the movie  "The Parent Trap?"  It was kind of like that only louder.) 

Immediately the sky was black with birds. The jumbo avians swooped gracefully into the air and lit a few hundreds yards down into the woods where they remained undisturbed until they caught their collective breath and flew onward on their journey.

Before bed, Jerry covered his car with a couple of old sheets, just in case.
*  *  *

Even though it's going to be February tomorrow, I am still sweeping up Christmas needles in my living room every time I vacuum. The weird part is, our tree was artificial.

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A Wandering Soul said...

About a decade ago, I was driving one evening with a friend when there was a sound that was like massive raindrops falling onto my car roof, followed by big white splotches on my windshield (about the diameter of 3 inches). After my loud expletives, my friend turned and looked at me and said, "Freaking pterodactyls."