Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dirty Dishes

I love my dishwasher!
What I washed:

A skillet, a saute pan, a sauce pan, a stock pot, two spatulas, three serving bowls, a food processor, a mini-food processor, a blender, a can opener, a garlic press, two cutting boards, three Pyrex bowls with lids, two coffee mugs, four cups, six saucers, a dinner plate, six salad plates, six luncheon plates, six dessert plates, a measuring cup, a set of measuring spoons, a chef's knife, three serrated knives, six dessert bowls, six water glasses, four wine glasses, two iced-tea glasses, a cocktail glass, a pair of scissors, a ladle, all the silverware we own.

What I made:  Soup for six. 

Yes, really. 


Shirl said...

And the wine is always the most important ingredient for my cooking!!

Anonymous said...

Love all the dishes!!

A Wandering Soul said...

I'm like this too. It's one of the reasons I'm not allowed in the kitchen anymore. (I'm not complaining at all.) :o)