Friday, February 21, 2014

Searching for Myself … Online

The Google Search

Why is it that all my friends who write cooking blogs go from twelve readers to twenty thousand followers in a couple of weeks, yet after three years I still have a limited readership?  Even factoring in that eating is lots more popular than laughing, it still seems like more people should have randomly stumbled onto my blog than have.  I decided to do a Google Search.  I typed in the name of this very blog and found out that, like the Star Ship Enterprise with it's cloaking device enabled, I'm there - but I'm invisible.  

A less zealous individual would have given up when she realized that there is a motion picture by the same name.  Swimming Upstream is an Australian film about a swimmer.  (Well, I get that part.)  It's labeled "inspirational" which is a code word in my mind for "not-very-funny" but that might just be sour grapes.  I haven't seen the movie Swimming Upstream but even if it were great, I still would be prejudiced against it because it eats up prime Google Search Results space.  Space which I would like to occupy, but that goes without saying.

Don't get me wrong - I like films.  I even like inspirational ones.  Remember the Titans; Save the Last Dance; Stand and Deliver; Music of the Heart; Hoosiers - all among my favorite movies.  All inspirational.  None named "Swimming Upstream."  Would you categorize The Shawshank Redemption or Double Jeopardy as "inspirational?"  I liked them too -- then again neither of them bore the same name as this blog either.  

And then there's the band.  It has third page visibility.  There are also various sites that actually have to do with fish.  And the Dutch photographer who won a competition with a photo which was titled Swimming Upstream. (Congrats Kathalijne van Zutphen! You deserved to win.Then comes page after page after page of people who have mentioned the words in articles or speeches.  Next are lots of other bloggers.  And then, finally, there's me.  On page 25.  No wonder strangers don't stumble upon my blog.  Even my friends can't find it!   

I've been Swimming Upstream a long time.  That probably won't change anytime soon, but the name of my blog will.  My tekkie friend Kathie and my smart son-in-law Brent put their heads together and figured out a solution.  As of today, I am the proud owner of:

Now I am the Digital Diva of my very own domain!!  (Thanks, guys!)

Go ahead, Google Search it.


Unknown said...

YUP!!! It's there...#1, Top Fish!!

Nastase Nutiness said...

Your readers love you!

Rhona said...

Google is messed up... may have to do with who pays for those top spots! I bet if you put a provocative word in the title (like Miley Cyrus) you'd go higher on the search list -- now how can you work that into your prose? :)

Kathalijne van Zutphen said...

I only saw this now, and thank you so much for the comment on my photograph and blog! Best, Kathalijne