Thursday, April 30, 2015

Welcome, Baby!

According to my sister, mother of five boys, it's the third child that is the game changer.  "Because you only have two hands," she says simply.  

On Sunday at 10:52 am, Jessica's game changer, Parker David, made his grand entrance into this world.  Weighing in at precisely seven pounds, he was an impressive twenty-one inches long.  And cute.  Need I even mention that?  (Was there any doubt?)  

We're crazy in love with him already!

On Sunday afternoon, Jerry and I took the boys to meet their newest brother.  They were suitably impressed - especially because he brought gifts for them.  The boys thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon, spent alternately admiring the baby and playing with their new Ironman Smashers with accessories.

When it was finally time to go, Brody turned to Grayson and said, "Don't leave any pieces at the doctor hotel."  Then, after a moment of thought he turned to Grampy and said, "This IS a hotel, isn't it?"

Just three more boys and Jessica could bump my sister off the top of the "number of offspring list" and seize the family record for most sons as well.  I'm totally in favor of that but, with boys now ages four, two and zero, it might be difficult to sell my daughter on the obvious merit of the idea.  

Maybe I'll wait a few weeks before I mention my plan.

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