Thursday, July 21, 2011

Red Hot Mamas!!

It's over a hundred degrees outside today and that is hot in anybody's book.  When you open up the front door, you feel like you are stepping into an oven.  It's the third day in a row we've been under a heat advisory. 

Here's a little reality check:  It is July and I am in South Carolina.  What, exactly, did I expect July to be like here?   To be honest, all of the buildings I visit and all of the cars I ride in have air conditioning.  That's a big reason to be grateful and I am. 

Yesterday I had the bad judgment to take my niece to play croquet at eleven in the morning.  When we got back home an hour later, she threw up.  She doesn't tolerate heat well -- fortunately (for her) she lives in Michigan and their brutally hot season is short.
Unfortunately (for me) she has a facebook account and so the entire thirteen-year-old population of America knows of my error in judgment.  She didn't even bother to mention that her team won. 

Croquet is played on a field and a field, by definition, is devoid of trees.  That should have been my first clue.  This is a big problem for shade-loving mammals (in this case me and my niece.  Good grammar dictates that I should write "my niece and me" but I am flaunting convention and sticking with my choice of "me and my niece" - it's my story after all.  If you want hers, just look on facebook.) 

Today we are staying inside and eating ice cream for lunch.  Not with lunch, as lunch.

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